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In development for 6 years! The next generation in fishing line is now a reality! Nanofil revolutionises the fishing line industry. Not a monofilament, not a fluorocarbon and not a braid, NanoFil is our thinnest and farthest casting line ever made, making it the Ultimate Spinning Reel Line.

Hundreds of stonger-than-steel Dyneema(R) Nano filaments are molecularly linked and shaped to create the world’s first uni-filament fishing line. This new generation of fishing line handles like a supple monofilament but with the performance characteristics of a braid.

The superb performance of the new line is made possible by the patented Unified Filament Technology jointly developed by Berkley and DSM Dyneema. The line is a round and smooth ‘uni-filament’ made by this new technology, consisting of hundreds of much smaller, molecularly-linked filaments of Dyneema® which are seamlessly combined. The result is the finest spinning reel line available, but with maximum strength.

 Berkley® NanoFil™ allows for effortless and accurate long casting with reduced drag in the air. And it simply slices through water. As a result of its sensitivity, bending ability and zero memory, it also provides a cleaner casting action, with fewer tangles and knots.

NanoFil line lends itself to a wide variety of techniques, but is most useful when anglers require an ultra small diameter line for greater casting yet also want the ultimate in sensitivity, in order to feel the subtlest of bites.


  • Our longest casting line! Anglers will experience exceptional casting distance and accuracy allowing them to cover more water and Catch More Fish!  
  • Zero stretch means superb sensitivity. Now you can feel everything from the slightest pickups to jarring strikes.
  • Made with 100% Dyneema® it has an incredibly high strength/diameter ratio, this is the thinnest Berkley line yet meaning you can go lighter than ever before.
  • Zero memory virtually eliminates line tangles, which means you spend less time untangling lines and more time fishing.
  • Stays dry. NanoFil is water repellent, carrying much less water back onto the reel than braided lines. The result is improved casting as NanoFil carries minimal ‘water weight’.
  • This is the ultimate spinning reel line, outstanding for a wide range of finesse techniques where long accurate casts and superb sensitivity is key.