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Yellow Trout
Product specifications: 

The XP Baits feature many unique attributes and have many various Patents.

The XP Bait Butterfly Ice Jigs feature butterfly wings that open up on the drop to slow the glide down and makes the Jig flutter through the water column.This keeps the Jig in the strike zone for longer and in the fish’s face so it allows for more strikes. It also features a holographic foil on the body under the wings to emit light and attract the fish to the bait.

Another key feature is the ‘TFLF’ Line System that allows you to drop your jig to a desired depth without fluttering to save time and get your lure to the strike zone quicker.

The new XP Bait Butterfly Jigs are going to be a huge hit with Bass, Redfin & Yellowbelly anglers right across Australia.


The main design feature of the bait lies in its ability to open its wings. The construction is designed in a way that while lowering into the water, the wings are unfolded up to a certain angle, allowing the bait to glide, keeping it in the strike zone longer. While lifting up, the wings are folded and that leads to a decrease in water resistance and the ice jig moving aside. It also feature a Holographic foil on the body that emits a flash when the wings open up to attract fish and trigger a response.


There is a new structural element ‘TFLF’ (Temporary Fishing Line Fixation) for quick lifting of the bait.

It delivers the bait to a desired depth without the gliding effect, saving time. Simply clip your line into the rear ‘TFLF’ System and once the jig has reached the desired depth you are after give a quick flick of the rod tip to release from the clip