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Product specifications: 

The Mares Volvo One are a open heel snorkeling fin that are designed to be worn with bare feet. This super soft Siliocne foot pocket is extremely comfortable to wear and can be adjusted to the perfect fit. The blade of this fin is made of a combination of silicone and plastic to give plenty of power, yet very easy on your legs. A snorkeling fin is a extremely important part of snorkleing

, this is due to safety. Currents in the water can run fast, and if you stick in one, it can be extremely hard to get out if you are not wearing fins. A fin is designed to help you swim through the water with easy and allow you to get out of any currents if you happen to get stuck in to one. Due to the fact that they are adjustable, this means there are more foot sizes able to fit in to each fin. The Mares Volvo One come in 3 sizes, Small, Regular and X-Large.They are extremely popular for teenagers who are still growing as they will last more years, yet many adults love them too as they are so comfortable. You really can not go wrong with the Volo One fins.


The sizes for the Mares Volo One fin is Small (3-6), Regular (6-10) and X-Large (10-13). These are mens sizes so female take roughly 2 sizes smaller. E.G, if you are a ladies size US 7, you would take the Small 3-6 and you will be in a size 5.