14th April 2010

Well, at last we have had a break in the weather around the Bundaberg region, with several days of less than 10 knots of wind.  This allowed a lot of boats to head offshrore.  With the wrecks and gutters producing some great fish, nannygai, sweetlip, snapper, cobia and Spanish mackeral were caught.

Some of the flat country out wider fished well also, with anglers managing to land big red emperor, sweetlip, parrot cod and trout .  The islands also produced some classy fish such as big coral trout, red emperor, maori cod, big parrot and many more species to top up the ice box.

The inshore reefs also are fishing excellently with areas such as Ryan’s, the Two Mile, and the Cochrane Artificial Reef producing some red hot snapper fishing, with a lot of the larger ones reaching 6 to 7 kgs in weight.  These fish fight extremely well in the shallower reefy areas.

The local river mouths are clearing up well and a few school mackerel have been caught.  Trolling spoons or casting metal Flasha lures has been most productive.

Bream, whiting and flathead have been caught throughout the rivers and creeks with bream being the most popular target as there has been good numbers of them about.

There are still good amounts of prawns and crabs about just to mix things up a bit.

In the dams, the bass are on the move and patrolling the weed edges, so using Spinnerbaits has been the best method.

The barra in Lake Monduran are starting to move up into the shallows as things cool down, so using lightly weighted plastics and shallow diving hard bodies will be the best method.

Till next time,
Tim Mulhall