Fish Report – 19th April 2012

What an excellent spell of weather we have had around the Bundaberg area this week.
With the winds primarily from the south-east, we should be looking at around 10-15 knots.

There have been plenty of whiting caught up at Skyringville this week, as well as some good-sized flathead. This is an excellent area to fish as there is plenty of structure in which the fish can hang out. The tide does move quite quickly out through the main channels and leaves nice pockets of water that the fish fall in to. I have had good results here throwing the Prawn Dog surface walking lures made by Berkley. On good graphite rods and light reels these bread and butter species really give you the “wow” factor.

The mouth of the Burnett River is fishing well with reports of threadfin salmon, commonly known as king salmon, being taken. Bream are the fish that really give you a run for your money in amongst the rocks here as well.

The Elliott River has been fishing well also. Some anglers call it “Starvation Creek”, but the fish are there if you know where to find them. Reports of big flathead, good whiting and mangrove jacks have been coming in.

Fishing some of the offshore reefs, such as the Cochrane Artificial has been producing also, Reports of spanish mackerel cruising in close has many anglers up early to get amongst these great fish. Spanish can be caught at any time of the day or night but that early morning strike is the best. Don’t be afraid to pull the rod out of the holder and work it while trolling, so the lure is doing a different action.

Bottom species such as grass sweetlip and venus tuskfish are on the chew and will readily take a fresh strip of flesh bait.

Snapper will come on also with the colder mornings. Once again, early morning is the best time. For bait, garfish and squid heads are the go for the snapper – they just love it.

Meanwhile, up at Lake Monduran, good barra have been taken on soft plastics such as the gold and black Slick Rigs by Squidjigs.

Good fishing,

Brett Robinson