Fish Report 07/04/2010

Well, the fishing in the Bundaberg area is on the improve for both offshore and in the rivers. On the days that the winds were light, some anglers headed offshore to do a spot of reef fishing, and most were well-rewarded with coral trout, red emperor, sweetlip, parrot and the usual mix of reefies.

Some of the reefs are producing some great pelagic fishing with good catches of cobia, mackerel and trevally, so this is a good option to top up the ice box.

The local rivers are really improving, as the salt is pushing back up the river bringing some great fish with it.

The best reports have been of bream with good numbers and sizes being caught.  Bream to one kilogram have been common using prawns and sprat as bait.  Using lures has also worked a treat.  Soft plastics in small prawn patterns are favourites.

Other species have also come up the river and salmon, cod, jack, and barra have all been caught.

There is still a run of dart and whiting moving along the beaches.  Using light rigs with baits such a worms, yabbies and pippies should show results.

The bass are on the move.  As things start to cool down they will start to school up in the deeper areas of the dams so target them with blades and plastics down deep.

The barra in Lake Monduran are still a bit tricky to catch with most of the barra sitting in 15-20ft of water.  Deep swimming soft plastics in bright colours and mixing it up with a few jigs and jerks should entice a strike.  It’s also worth using some hard bodies.  Ten foot divers in bright colours and loud rattles should get a barra to take the bait.

Till next time,
Tim Mulhall