Fish Report - 10th July, 2014

With some cold mornings now upon us in the Bundaberg area, it certainly makes it harder to get out of bed and go for a fish. There are still many opportunities to go and target your species of choice.

In the Burnett River, bream are still thick and there are lots of bait schools about on which the bream are feeding. Fish a run-in tide around the deeper banks for the bigger specimens. A variety of baits such as freshly pumped yabbies will work a treat and catch a lot of fish. Hard metal blades in your more vibrant colours in the dirty water seems to work well. Having said that, the blades do have a nice action to them as you work them through the water column. Flathead will attack blades as well. Some soft plastics such as the wriggler-style will account for good bream numbers. Look for some gravelly, rubbly ground as bream like to forage and these areas are prime spots.

If you fancy trolling in the river then use some deep diving lures that get you down there, trolling nice and slowly. You will pick up a variety of species – bream, grunter, flathead and sometimes an unwanted over-sized toadfish as well. Unfortunately toads like lures too, but they fight hard.

Offshore fishing this weekend might be worth a look as snapper should be about in this colder weather. Some of the guys have been heading out to the shelf and bagging out on snapper and other reef dwellers. Most baits have been doing the trick, but if you can get a soft plastic on a heavy jig-head down, then you will be in for some action. Still try trolling a lure around at the moment, as there may be an odd mackerel or tuna about. These pelagics like fast-trolled lures and even pull the rods out of the holders every now and then. Spin and work them for some instant action.

On the calmer days venture up to Skyringville and target some flathead or tailor on live sprats if you can get them. Otherwise use a soft plastic or prawns. Prawns will account for most species. The creek mouths are certainly a good option on a run-in tide. Look for prawns as well – it is an indication that bigger fish will be about.

It will also be good fishing for the winter whiting down in the Woodgate area. A lot of fish are being caught on soft plastic worms in the bloodworm colour. You can get about six whiting or more before you have to change over to a new soft plastic. Of course, if plastics aren’t your thing, then a prawn or yabbie will do.

Meanwhile, up at Lake Monduran, the barra are slow at present because of low water temperature, but still worth a look with some suspending lures. For those anglers wanting to target these fish, try fishing in shallow bays where the water temperature is one to two degrees warmer than elsewhere. It’s a lovely place to kick back and enjoy the scenery anyway.

Always check your weather forecast before venturing out, let someone know where you are going and fish hard.

Till next time,
Gary Leather