Fish Report - 11th March 2010

Unfortunately due to the recent rains, the fishing in the Bundaberg area has been very limited.  All of the local river systems are flowing fresh and most of them will remain fresh for weeks, if not months, especially the Burnett River, as all the dams and weirs upstream have been overflowing and running hard.  This means that most of the fishing will be done down around the river mouths. 

Reports have shown some good bream around the rocks at Burnett Heads, and the beaches are fishing well, especially for whiting.  Fishing the run-out tides has been the best for the beach fishing, with yabbies, pipis and worms being the best for bait.

Offshore fishing has been quiet due to the rain and wind, but after things clear yup, the fishing should be red hot.

Even the dams are hard to fish at the moment as well, due to a big influx of fresh water.  The bottom end of the dams near the walls will be the areas to target, as these areas will hold cleaner water.  Another reason to fish in these areas is that the barra and the bass will be wanting to head downstream to spawn as they need the saltwater to help this occur.  The dam walls will hold them back, so they will hold in the areas around the walls.  Targeting them with loud or rattley lures in bright colours will give the best results.

Paradise Dam has been running over for the first time since it was built, and Lake Monduran is now 74% full, which is good to see since it hasn’t been this high in about 15 years or so.  It is still rising slowly and it will be interesting to see just how high it does get.

Till next time,
Tim Mulhall