Fish Report - 12th September 2013

Well, once again the Bundaberg area has had a week of reasonable weather. A 10-knot forecast for most of this week saw a lot of big boats head well offshore.

The shelf fished well with some great catches of pearl perch, job fish, big parrot and some big snapper. The 40-50 metre areas produced some great red emperor with most reds averaging twelve kilos and most of the red were caught on large flesh baits.

Some of the other areas such as the Heralds and Warregoes produced some good red throat sweetlip and coral trout and the usual mix off hussar, stripeys and parrot.

The gutters produced some good fish as well such as grass sweetlip, parrot and some big trout.

The inshore reefs such as the Two Mile and the Cochrane Artificial have been patchy but those putting in the time and effort have caught some snapper and even some cobia.

The rocky coastline has produced some school mackerel mainly on the high tides when the water is at it’s cleanest.

The local rivers are still fishing well with whiting being the most talked-about species. Yabbies, worms and peeled prawns fished on the first of the run-in tide has been the trick for the whiting.
There are still plenty of big bream flathead and an occasional salmon still getting about. Some jacks have started to turn up as the weather has warmed up and the will only get better over the next month or so.

Lake Monduran is starting to turn it on with some great catches of barra being caught with up to ten barra caught in a session. Most of the bays have barra in them. Small suspending hard body lures such as LuckyCraft Pointers and Jackall Squirrels have been the hot favourite lures for Monduran barras. Again, the barra bite will only get better as things warm up.

Till next time,
Tim Mulhall.