Fish Report 13th January 2010

Well, it has been a treat to see some rain, and most of the local areas around Bundaberg received some well-deserved down falls.

The tops of the Kolan River and Baffle Creek are running fresh so the fishing in these areas can be hard, but heading down river should see the salt water and the fish, such as jacks, trevally and queenfish.  The fresh has also pushed the mud crabs out and down to the salt, so drag out the pots.

The Burnett River is fishing really well, with the only fresh coming into it being the run-off, so it is still nice and salty.  The upper reaches have seen a few whiting and grunter.  Mid-river around Kirby’s Wall has seen some big bream and flathead.  The deeper holes and rock bars have seen some big jack, cod and fingermark and the odd jew.  Also, these areas have been producing some good crabbing.  The mouth of the Burnett is still producing some good sized school mackerel and tuna. 

The inshore reefs such as the Cochrane Artificial and the Two Mile are producing some small squire and some big grunter.

The offshore grounds have produced some great reef fishing.  Trouts, reds, cod, sweetlip and parrot have all been put into the esky.  The Spanish mackerel have been thick on some of the reefs with the Five Degree Patch producing some hot early morning bites by trolling gar and lures.

Lake Monduran is still producing a hot barra bite.  Fishing the points and flats with soft plastics has given great results.  Also, some barra have been caught on the troll using 15-20ft diving lures.

Bass in the smaller impoundments have been biting well with an early morning/late afternoon surface bite and during the day, using Blades and Jackalls in the deep.

Till next time,
Tim Mulhall - Tackle World Bundaberg



The recent rains have increased the water level at Lake Monduran by about 1m. The south easterlies from last week have made fishing tough but you can still pull one from the dam with a committed effort. We have been working top water with tango dancers very successfully. These lures are great in the shallow weeded areas and if you use lots of pauses in your retrieve makes for an exhilarating surface bite.

Also the Rapala suspending lures are great with 30 second pauses make for irresistible Bait in the trees. The Bombers are great in the spindly timber like the lantana as you can pull them down into the snag, suspend and they will bounce back up to the surface and you can walk them through the snags once again.

These lures are great but my most successful way to fish is with the soft plastics. These lures have it all; they have the movement the feel and the smell of a recognizable bait fish. I use the soft plastic as my go to method and the former I use when it’s not working and we need a change in course. The new Slick Rigs are great but they have taken advantage of the good times and reduced the number of lures in there packets from 6 down to 4, but on the positive side there are softer product that swims well. The slick rigs are best with an upgrade to include a stinger hook and you generally won’t miss fish. The storm bait and switch still works great and can be best improved with a stinger hook.

Trolling has still been productive and is very popular with plenty of boats on the dam at night. Plenty of good fish arches are appearing in that three to five metre zone on the side scan and sounder so the fish are definitely there.

This summer has been a cracker on the barra but offshore things have been tougher with the smaller Black marlin basically swimming past us this year. Plenty of good heavy tackle Blues and black marlin have been caught in over 100m this year. For the travelling angler there are plenty of small blacks are on the bite at Sunshine Coast and Gold coast Port Macquarie and good catches of stripes as far south as Ulladulla. Maybe the rest of the year will be better for us up here.

Rob Wood - Rob Wood Game & Sportfishing Charters