Fish Report - 13th March 2009

Because of the cyclonic weather recently, most anglers would not have had the chance to do much fishing at all, so I’ll take this opportunity talk about a competition I attended a couple of weeks ago.
The boys back at work were very envious that I drew the short straw, and the boss sent me off to compete and help out in the annual Baffle Creek Fishing Challenge, which was held over six days from Monday to Saturday.
There were around 280 competitors, both junior and senior, who caught a surprising number of fish, considering the amount of fresh that was flowing in the Baffle.
The majority of the anglers spent most of their time at the river mouth where the water was cleaner.  Trumpeter was the main species weighed in with a lot of them weighing around the 1.5kg mark.  The heaviest overall fish weighed in was a thicklip or blubberlip weighing 5.050kgs.  This was landed by Brad Messinbird - a good effort!
Other species to be weighed in included whiting, flathead, bream, cod, mangrove jack, salmon, queenfish and dart.
There was also a lot of large mud crabs weighed in as well.
The competition consisted of five days of fishing with the presentation and the lucky draws held on the sixth day.  The major lucky draw was a bow mount electric motor which one competitor was lucky enough to win.
This was a very well organised competition where every competitor was well looked after and I personally had a great time.  I can thoroughly recommend and encourage anglers to enter this competition next year.  Special thanks must be given to Scruff and Sandy for their time and effort.

 In between the wind and rain a few keen anglers have picked up some legal trumpeter, nice cod and even the odd whiting in the Elliott, Kolan and Burnett Rivers.  These were all been taken on baits.  There have been plenty of muddies but not many at legal size.

 A few bass have been caught at Isis Impoundment taken on spinner baits and little maxes in 1/4 oz.

Monduran has been very slow this end of the week but did turn a few barra under the meter mark late last week.

There should be a bit of a weather window mid next week so pull a sickie and make the most of it.

Hopefully, by the time you read my next report, the weather will be somewhat improved and we’ll all be able to get back out there doing what we love the most – throwing in a line or two.

Until next time,

Gary Leather & Ben Shorten
Tackle World Fishing Team