Fish Report - 16th December, 2010

Well, we have seen our fair share of rain around the Bundaberg area over the past few weeks and this has slowed the fishing right down. There was still a truckload of fresh coming down the rivers and creeks, and the water has been dirty up to a couple of miles out to sea.

If the forecasts are correct, it’s likely to be like this for a couple of months. This will mean your only option of catching a fish will be around the river mouths.

While it is good to see all the dam levels rising after being so low for so long, it does make the fishing a little bit harder for a time until things settle down again.

So, this will be a good time to do a bit of maintenance of all your fishing gear as well as on the boat and trailer, making sure it’s all ready to go when the weather is in our favour once again.

When the weather has allowed us to get out the front, the offshore fishing has been great. The gutters have been producing some sweetlip, parrot and the odd trout.

The outer reefs have also been firing with good catches of trout, reds, snapper, hussar and the usual mixed reef species.

Some spanish mackerel and cobia have also been caught in these areas.

Lake Monduran has also had it’s fair share of water bringing the level up to the top of the spillway, and as of today, it’s flowing over. So far it’s only 4cm over, so it’s not enough for the barra to go over as well. This will be only the third time since the dam was built that it has flowed over the spillway – the last time was 18 years ago!

Lake Gregory is still a great option to catch a fish, with some great bass being caught on Poppers and Blades.

Till next time,

Tim Mulhall