Fish Report - 21st February 2012

Well the mackerel are finally here. We have seen some beaut catches of mackerel come from both the inshore and the offshore reef areas. The inshore reefs such as the Artificial Reef, Ryan’s and the Two Mile have produced some cracker school mackerel and some monster grey mackerel by trolling lures such as Spoons and 4 to 5” deep diving minnows like the 5 metre diving Halco Scorpion.

Casting and retrieving lures like the Flasha lures have been best for the grey mackerel. Just remember to wind them as fast as you can.

The big spanish mackerel have moved in on most of the offshore reef areas with most being caught by trolling big baits such as bonito, wolf herring and gar. Big lures such as Rapalas and Halco Laser Pros have also been effective.

Some good reef fish have also been caught. Big red emporers, coral trouts and sweetlip have made up the majority of the catches as well as the usual mixed reef species.

The rivers are also still fishing well with some monster bream and whiting being caught. Some big grunter have been moving also with mullet fillets being the best bait. Some of the sandbars are producing some excellent flathead by using soft plastics and by trolling micro mullet lures with the hot colour being pink.

Monduran is starting to settle from the last lot of rain and the barras are starting to chew again. Although small 60-80cm, these barra are great fun to catch with the Strada Terra 125 being the gun lure at the moment.

The Isis is still producing some good catches of bass with blades and Jackalls being the best lures of choice.

Till next time,

Tim Mulhall