Fish Report - 21st February 2013

The fishing in the Bundaberg area has been very limited of late due to the unpredictable weather patterns at the moment. This means that offshore fishing has been put on hold due to wind.

Even if the weather did come good you would be mad to head out the front for fear of hitting an object which had been swept out in the recent floods, and is sitting on or just under the surface.

The Burnett River has a lot of fresh – amongst other things – running down it and is still very dirty.

The Elliott River seems to be the river to fish at the moment as it has started to clean up and the salt has started to make its way back up the river. Some good reports of jack and barra on both lures and baits, have come from the Elliott. There are plenty of mud crabs about in this river as well.

The Kolan River should clear up and come good soon, and with the floods creating a new mouth in the river, future fishing will be interesting.

The Isis Impoundment (Lake Gregory) is another option in these bleak conditions and the bass have come on the chew. A lot of the bass are schooled up in the main basin. Jigging Blades and Jackall TN60 lures has been working a treat as are Spinnerbaits around the weed edges.

A few barra are still left in Lake Monduran with a report recently of one angler catching four last weekend by using Jackall Squirrels and Lucky Craft Pointer lures.

Till next time,
Tim Mulhall