Fish Report - 2nd Februay 2010

Well, now that it’s back to work and back to school , the luxury of going fishing whenever you want has gone out the window.  Now you’ll have to wait for the weekends and pray that the weather will be on your side.

In the local Bundaberg area, crabs are still being caught in good numbers and most of them are coming from the Burnett and Elliott Rivers and Baffle Creek.  Make sure you are up to date with the crabbing rules and regulations before dropping those pots.

The hot topic at the moment is the start of the barra season which opened at midday on 1st February.  Some big salt water barra have been caught and released recently, with news of a 105cm salty barra being the biggest so far.  Fishing the run in tide with big live baits is the best way to target a big saltwater barra, with dawn and dusk being the times to fish.  This same tactic applies to jack fishing.  Mangrove jack have been getting caught in big numbers and are awesome eating.

When a good day presents itself, the reef fishing has been hot.  Spanish mackerel have been the main target when heading out, but there are plenty of trout being caught also.  Please be aware of the size and bag limits before you head out to the reefs.

Lake Monduran is fishing well and you are a freshwater angler, it’s well worth putting in a few hours on the lake.  There have been many monstrous barra being taken lately, with the shallow areas adjacent to the deep water being a good place to start.  Slow rolling slick rigs is the way to go.  Monduran is an ever-changing environment and can cause headaches to all levels of anglers, so don’t forget to mix up your style of fishing when targeting barra on the lake.  You never know where or when you might catch that fish of a lifetime.

That’s all from me,
Keep fishing,
Jake Hartfiel