Fish Report - 30th January 2014

With the tropical low/cyclone in far north Queensland, we now have some very ordinary weather upon us, so the fishing around the Bundaberg area will be rather restricted. It’s a good time to explore your estuary systems and try areas away from your normal spots. You need to find areas out of the wind.

The Burnett River system has been producing excellent catches of grunter in some of the deeper holes of the river. Most are being caught on a range of soft plastics. Good jewfish as well have been found in those deeper holes and they have been targeted on live bait. There are reports of good catches of mangrove jack being taken in the upper reaches on a variety of good suspending lures. You will also find flathead and whiting on a run-in tide if you target shallow sand bars for some action on prawns and yabbies. Anywhere you find structure will be a fish.

Lake Monduran has been doing well on the barra scene. Early morning seems to be the best. It was quite hot there for a while for the barra and now that the weather has become a bit cooler the barra have slowed down quite a bit. Good soft plastic frogs have been slow-rolled near timber areas producing good barra. Also, vibrant coloured suspending lures have been doing the trick as well.

The Kolan River, especially the upper reaches has been excellent fishing. Grunter and bream near timber and deeper holes are being caught in good numbers. Flathead are still around. Once again, target the sand bars on a run-in tide. Plenty of prawns, both baits and eating quality ones are definitely worth a look on the low tides, if the fishing is slow. When the barra season opens at midday on the 1st of February, the Kolan would certainly be worth a look. Good 80cm+ fish can be found in this system.

The Elliott River would be well fished in the upper reaches. Target mangrove jacks, flathead, whiting and bream on a run-in tide around sand bars to maximize success. It is a good system to get a good catch of your bread and butter species. There are plenty of places to try out of the wind.

Offshore fishing is obviously out at the moment, so it’s game on for the opening of the barra season. So, get your favourite lures ready, make sure your gear is up to scratch and get into it. I’m sure a metre plus barra will get the adrenalin pumping. Yee Haa!!

See you on the water,
Brett Robinson