Fish Report - 3rd April, 2014

With predicted 10-15 knot east-south-east winds for this weekend around the Bundaberg area, we might be fishing the protected estuaries and local impoundments.

With a bit of freshwater in the systems from recent rains, a change of tactics might be on the cards.

The Isis Impoundment (Lake Gregory) has been firing well due to the recent rains. The bass are definitely on the chew with reports of early morning sessions on poppers, and surface-working hard-bodied lures right in the shallows on the lilies. Later in the morning, try using metal slugs in the deeper water and use a sinking lure with rattles and slow-roll it back to the boat. In amongst the timber areas, get the spinnerbait cranking – bass absolutely love the vibrations that spinnerbaits give off.

The Kolan River, according to our local barra fisherman Dale Smith, has been a bit dirty. He used more vibrant coloured lures to entice the barra into a strike. The suspending lures with plenty of rattles in them sure did the trick. Once again though, after the rain, it has stirred things up a bit. Be prepared to work for a result - plenty of casts and mix up the lures. If barra see something different or feel different vibrations in the water they will investigate. Also try a brightly coloured soft plastic.

In the Burnett River recently, Gary Leather bagged himself some good fish on soft plastics and hard-bodied lures. An 81cm flathead was caught and released, also some good quality bream. Now on the subject of bream, already we have seen good sized fish being caught and it’s not even the prime season for them. In the winter months we should see a cracker season. Soft plastics and small, chubby deep divers will produce the bream you are chasing. Also, good shows of grunter in parts of the deeper areas of the river. Use a sounder to pick up the holes with various structure and slow drift across, flicking a soft plastic lure of your choice. King salmon are an excellent by-catch using soft plastics also – the bigger the better. Anchor the boat, be patient and keep working that plastic. Don’t be afraid to throw a live bait out the back also.

Most other systems will be a bit dirty at the moment, so try at the mouths. The incoming tides will bring in the cleaner water so you can target your desired species. Also, with the recent rains, try going into the smaller creeks with your cast net and see if there are some prawns on the move. The rains usually bring them out.

Tight lines everyone,
Brett Robinson