Fish Report - 3rd July 2014

With favourable weather conditions predicted for the Bundaberg area for this weekend, our reef fishermen have the opportunity to venture to our outer reefs. There has been reports of some nice red emperor being captured around the 10kg mark in recent weeks.

Spanish mackerel are still prowling our inshore and outer reefs. Sweetlip, hussar, spangled emperor and snapper are the main species that have filled ice-boxes of late. Woodgate is producing fair-sized school mackerel and winter whiting.

At the Cochrane Artificial Reef there are some snapper being caught at night but catches should increase as the cold weather continues.

On the estuary scene, large numbers of bream are making their presence felt, especially in the Burnett River. Those keen anglers who can brave the cold will have best results fishing at night on the full and new moon. Areas to target would be the north wall at Burnett Heads, Kirby’s Wall and the town reach of the Burnett.

Tailor are showing up around the river mouths. Reports of twenty or more being captured is not uncommon. Flathead, whiting and the occasional salmon are the other species filling the creels.

On the freshwater scene, bass are still being captured at Lake Gregory. Target the deeper water in the middle of the impoundment for these fish, as they will normally school up during winter.

Meanwhile, up at Lake Monduran, the barra are slow at present because of low water temperature. For those anglers wanting to target these fish, try fishing in shallow bays where the water temperature is one to two degrees warmer than elsewhere. This is normally on the windward side of bays.

Till next time,
Gary Leather