Fish Report - 5th June 2014

With prevailing southeasterly winds at 15 knots this weekend, once again fishing will be tough going. However, the Burnett River is still going strong, especially down in the Port area and the rock wall out at the entrance. The amount of sizeable bream that are being caught is astounding. A variety of baits and more, so metal vibes/blades are working a treat. Either slow roll them back to the boat or hop them around pylons and fallen timber structure. Bream will readily take a soft plastic wriggler was well. Once again, work the plastic with a slow hopping action.

There are still a few flathead about being targeted with either livies or trolled deep diving lures. Search for rock bars and even sandy areas with your sounder. Flathead will lay in ambush waiting for something to pass by. If trolling isn’t your thing then work a soft plastic around. I believe that in very shallow water an ambush strike is great visual action on a soft plastic. You might not think they are there, but they cover themselves up with sand and lie in wait. Seeing one launch out in the shallows at a plastic is thrilling stuff, especially on light graphite rods. A few grunter are still around and the king salmon. Once again, live bait is by far the best to target them with. Most run-in tides seem to be the go in the Burnett.

Lake Monduran has been on fire with good sessions of barra being caught early mornings. They will get more active later when the water warms up as well, so really hammer those suspending lures in at the structure/snags. An electric motor is essential for the stealth factor when targeting barra. Remember to carry a few lures, enough strong leader and make sure your knots are up to scratch. Barra have sharp gill rakers and a raspy file-like mouth so 50lb leader is a minimum requirement.

The Kolan River has many places to fish - especially the rock bars for flathead using soft plastics in a very vibrant colour. Dirty water requires brighter coloured soft plastics, in clearer water use more natural toned colours. The Kolan is a great place to also anchor up and sit with live bait and wait for king salmon, big estuary cod or flathead to come by. While you are waiting with the livey out, try flicking either a soft plastic or hard-bodied lure around as well.

If you are enjoy a day out fishing with the family, then might I suggest the Annual VMR Bundaberg Family Fishing Classic at the end of June on the 27th, 28th and 29th. If you think you are up for the challenge then there are great prizes on offer – two boats to be won and overall a great get-together with your family and friends. A bit of fishing rivalry is always good fun when out on the water. You can register online at or pick up an entry form from Tackle World Bundaberg.

Happy fishing and tight lines,
Brett Robinson