Fish Report - 6th July 2012

At the moment the offshore reefs around Bundaberg are producing good-sized black king, red emperor and sweetlip.

Snapper are a little bit slow at present, but as the season progresses, the size and quantity should increase.

In the local estuary systems a large number of top quality bream have been captured recently, with chook gut and mullet fillets appearing to be the prime bait. Larger fish and greater numbers are being caught at night on the rock walls.

Whiting and flathead are being caught on the sandbars at the river mouths.

A few blue salmon and trumpeter have been taken, especially in the Burnett River.

Tailor are starting to show up along the coastline. A 3-ganged rig with a blue pilchard for bait is one method for catching these fish. Another is to cast and retrieve metal Flasha lures.

This time of year, bass should be schooling in the deeper water at Lake Gregory. Working the edges early morning with surface lures has still been catching the larger fish.

Meanwhile in Lake Monduran smaller fish around the 60-70cm mark have been captured, not in great numbers, but fairly regularly. The upper reaches of the dam seem to be producing more fish. This time of the year, always look for the warmest water in the dam and this is where the fish will be.

Till next time,

Gary Leather