Fish Report - 7th March 2013

What incredible weather we’ve had over the past month or so! But, it’s not all doom and gloom – there are fish to be had in the estuary systems and local knowledge sure pays off.

With all the wind and rain that we’ve had, it has dramatically changed a lot of areas that we fish. Be aware that new structures which will hold fish may be present under the water.

Skyringville is an excellent area which has a lot of timber structure, and of course fish, especially in some of the shallower waters. Big flathead will lie in wait to ambush their prey. Good catches of whiting can also be found hanging around these areas. Don’t be afraid to fish in the brackish water for whiting and flathead as it provides cover for them.

The Elliott River has been producing good catches of barramundi in the upper reaches. Live mullet are dynamite baits for them. Also, the elusive mangrove jack will smash this type of bait.
Have your crab pots on board as well. Muddies are plentiful but be aware where you place your pots. Faster flowing water will move your lighter pots and they might not be in the same place that you left them when you come back. Also, try for a few prawns in the upper reaches – you may stumble onto a patch or two.

An area not to be overlooked is the mouth of the Coonarr Creek system. This has an excellent drop-off at the mouth which has good numbers of flathead. Also, throw into the surf zone and slowly wind back with a soft plastic of sorts. It’s best to be in a small boat and fishing the edge of the drop-off, casting into the shallows and working back.

The local dams may prove difficult at the moment. With more than normal fresh water in the systems, the barra will move into new territory. They will be scattered amongst the new structure that is now covered in the newly risen water levels. Bass will also be on the move looking at the newly formed areas.

Offshore fishing will be out for a while due to the onset of strong winds. You will be better off in some of the more sheltered estuaries doing a hit of crabbing, prawning or live-baiting.

Then, of course, there is that much-needed maintenance around the house or on the boat. Still, I’d rather be fishing…

Till next time,
Brett Robinson