New Product – Evolution Jig Heads

Catching bream and bass on plastics seem to be the rage at this time of year, but when the temperature drops to our coldest temperatures, these species get a bit lethargic and tend to only nip or bite at the tail soft our plastics – this is called short striking.

So, one company has just come out with a product to help eliminate this so-called short striking. The product is called Evolution Jig heads.

They are not your normal jig heads. They run the same head system as a normal jig, but instead of a hook it uses a longer wire spine with a small loop on the end.

So, how do they work? Well, first you buy a starter pack an in this you get a small needle that is inserted through the plastic and comes out closer to the tail. Then the needle is pulled back out and the Evolution jig is then inserted through your favourite soft plastic. Then the W hook (or double hook) that is supplied with the starter pack, is put in the small loop on the end.

Now you’re ready to start fishing. Turn those short striking fish into hook-ups.

The jigs come in different lengths to suit almost any soft plastic you buy, so next time you miss a few bites on your plastics, think Evolution Jig Heads and give them a go. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much your strike rate improves.

Drop into the shop and see us if you'd like to take a look at or know more about these new jigs.

Until next time,

Tim Mulhall