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Product specifications: 



> Big wrap supports the cranially well endowed

> Slim temples slide on under your headwear

> Big lens size gives ultimate protection


Big head?  Grit is the eyewear solution you’ve been looking for.


The Design Philosophy


Australians come in all shapes and sizes; short and tall, well-built and skinny, Aussies with small faces or square jaws, medium head sizes and even a few who are cranially well endowed – affectionately called “boof heads”.


We noticed people would head into a store to try on sunnies, but nothing fit.  Lenses were too small to give any protection and the frames were so tight they were causing headaches.  Rather than looking like you’re wearing your kid’s sunglasses, we decided to design a solution. 


To start with, we identified key design elements from across our range and then sculpted these features to deliver the perfect life-size fit.  We’ve designed a geometrical lens shape that fuses sophistication with aerodynamic lines, giving incredible lens depth and protection.  We whittled away the temple width to slide on under your headwear, ensuring the precise proportions to create perfect balance while wearing.  The subtle curve of the temples provides the perfect amount of grip while our state of the art frame materials give you unmatched flexibility and comfort.


Grit’s design is so comfortable, you’ll feel like they were made just for you.  



The brilliant Gold Leaf mirror overlays a high contrast copper polarised Crown Glass lens.  We use real gold leaf metallic particles in our Platinum Mirror lenses as only real metallic particles reflect bright light and heat away from your eyes.  This actually creates a cooling effect during periods of intense light and reduces eye fatigue.  Our real metallic mirrors are sandwiched between layers of Crown Glass so they can’t be damaged or scratched off! 


The superior high contrast copper base tint filters out the majority of damaging short blue light waves which land in front of the retina and cause blur, headaches and eye fatigue. This unique copper tint also serves to contrast colours across the visible light spectrum, making object edges appear sharper, colours more vivid and everything within your field of vision crisp and in-focus.

The darker Copper lens tint instantly relaxes your eyes in high glare situations, while still offering brilliant clarity and high contrast vision. It is suitable for everyday use, particularly in high glare situations.


The result? Spotters’ Gold Leaf mirror gives you the ability to cope with even the harshest glare on the brightest day, without experiencing any eye fatigue, squinting or headaches.