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Product specifications: 
The Tonic Eyewear Lens


“...sighting fish with Tonic Custom Designed Lenses. Sight fishing is what Tonic is about.”


All of our styles feature:


Polarisation: With Tonic Eyewear’s lenses anglers have polarisation and our custom made light filtration system that delivers unsurpassed clarity and colour enhancement.

Crystalite Glass: Tonic is the only fishing sunglass using Crystalite Glass: the clearest glass lens currently available.

1.8mm Lens: At only 1.8mm thick Tonic is comparably lighter than any other lens on the market, where most are 2 6mm thick. So Tonic sunglasses can be worn all day and don't feel heavy.

Decentration: Tonic makes each lens decentred which is important for viewing true depth and true distance. Decentring eliminates prism or the feeling that you are losing footing when you are walking through streams and over rocks.

Anti-Reflective Coating: Tonic has an anti -reflective coating applied to the back surface of the lens to reduce reflective glare or "bounce back" to the pupil. This is extremely important when sight fishing.


Our Glass Photochromic Copper and Glass Blue Mirror lenses also feature:


Tonic’s Four Colour Spectrum Filter: Our four colour integrated polarising filter system in the back of the lens: we have green which retains colour, yellow which gives high contrast when ambient light is low, brown and copper mix to give high definition.


Our Evo and Rush styles also feature:


Clik-Strap: Removable and adjustable safety strap.


Tonic Eyewear’s Photochromic Copper Glass Lens
Tonic Eyewear’s Photochromic Copper Glass Lens


The photochromic copper lens is a high contrast copper bronze. This lens is photochromic so it darkens or lightens depending on ambient light conditions. This lens has been developed to give the highest quality optics in fresh water and salt water conditions. The Photo Copper can be comfortably worn all day in all light conditions. 

Tonic Eyewear’s Photochromic Copper Glass Lens
Tonic Eyewear’s Light Copper Glass Lens – The Neon


The Neon lens is the lightest fishing lens on the market in Australia today. It brightens things up like a neon light. It picks up the reds, blues, greens and yellows and has a very broad light spectrum which allows you to see very early in the morning or late in the evening.

Tonic Eyewear’s Photochromic Copper Glass Lens
Tonic Eyewear’s Blue Mirror Glass Lens


The Blue Mirror lens is a high definition glare reducing colour enhancing lens. Amber tints in the lens deliver high contrast in low light conditions and a very high result when fishing. The Blue Mirror itself has been applied inside the lens and so cannot be scratched off.

Tonic Eyewear’s Photochromic Copper Glass Lens
Tonic Eyewear’s Grey Glass Lens


The grey glass has three colours integrated into the lens: grey, green and aqua. Where most grey lenses tend to flatten colour out, the Tonic grey lens defines colour. That is a big difference between Tonic and any other grey lens on the market. Just like all the Tonic lenses, the clarity is unbeatable.

Tonic Eyewear’s Photochromic Copper Glass Lens
Tonic Eyewear’s Photochromic Copper Glass Lens
Tonic Eyewear’s Copper or Grey Polycarbonate Lens


Tonic’s polycarbonate lens is a great entry level to high quality optics. Extremely lightweight and hardwearing, our polycarbonate lenses are a decentred injected mould lens with anti-reflective coating on the back surface and an anti-scratch coating applied to the front and back surface.

Tonic Eyewear’s Frames


All Tonic Eyewear frames are made from TR90 optical grade material. They are all tough and lightweight. Our frames are designed to be comfortable and optimise block out of sunlight. Any non TR90 components are nickel or stainless steel to prevent rusting. Currently our range features high gloss black, matt black and high gloss tortoise shell designs.