Creating and signing in to your account

Your account will store information such as your postal address, purchase history and Real Deals card number. This prevents you from having to enter the same information each time you make a purchase on the website. It will also attribute any points earned to your Real Deals membership automatically.

How to get an account

Accounts are now only created when you complete the store checkout process. If you make a purchase using the online store whithout an existing account, an account will be created for you. The username of that account will be the email address you provided at checkout. A password will be created for you and sent to that same email address (along with instructions on changing your password).

Once you have an account created, you should log in each time you use the online store.

Signing in to your account

To sign in to your account, click the "Login" link at the top-right of each page (just above your shopping cart). If you've already added items to your shopping cart, a login form will be shown when you click "Checkout" from the shopping cart page. This will allow you to checkout the items in your cart using your account.

Forgot your password?

The first time you make a purchase from the online store, an account is created for you. The details of that account is sent to the email you used when checking out.

If you forgot your password you can Request a new password by clicking on the "Login" link (at the top-right above the shopping cart). On the login page, click on the "Request a new password" tab. Enter the email address you used when you first purchased from the online store. Instructions on resetting your password will then be sent to that email address.