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The modern fishing world is upon us and 80% of modern fishermen and women are using soft plastic lures to catch their fish, but there are a percentage of anglers who either think it is too hard or that soft plastics simply don’t work as well as bait.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  We have seen many, many times soft plastics out-fishing baits because with soft plastics you are casting and hunting for the fish, rather than throwing out a bait and waiting for a fish to find it.


Following on from our last story on using soft plastics, I thought I would run through an easy way to rig a soft plastic and to make the correct jighead/hook selection to suit your soft plastic.

So once you have selected your favourite soft plastic, it is now time to pick your jighead/hook size.  A couple of easy ways to check if your hook size is OK is by laying the jighead hook along the soft plastic.  It is best if the hook comes out of the plastic about half way along the soft plastic body. 

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