Baffle Creek

Baffle Creek is one of the last catchment areas in Queensland not to have a major dam on it. Needless to say, it is a relatively pristine system.

On the southern side there are 3 boat ramps with the Winfield ramp being the most popular. It is about 60km from Bundy and can be used above quarter tide for boats under 4.5m.
The Baffle can be nearly impossible to move around in at low tide with plenty of sand bars and sunken trees in the lower reaches, and many rock and mud bars in the upper reaches and tributaries. Extreme care should be taken when boating any new section of the Baffle (and tributaries) below half tide. Once you get the feel of where all these structures are, then you can really start fishing the area with great success.

It is no doubt one of the most popular creeks to chase mangrove jacks but also holds good populations of mud crabs, prawns, bream, whiting, flathead, cod, queenfish, trevally, seasonal tailor and odd catches of barramundi, threadfin salmon and blue salmon.

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