Burnett River - Gayndah

One of the oldest towns in Queensland, Gayndah is situated on the banks of the Burnett River about 160km from Bundaberg. The Claude Wharton Weir is about 2km upstream from the Gayndah Bridge and creates a nice impoundment that is navigable for about 10km up from the wall.
Best access is from the southern side about 11km west of Gayndah. If you head straight through town on the Gayndah/Mundubbera Road, travel about 9.6km then turn right onto Mt Debatable Road, then travel 1.4km down to the river. Just before entering onto the bridge, you will see the dirt ramp on your right hand side.
There is also some good fishing to be had along the waterholes below the weir along the town reach. Access to these is gained from the northern side of town down Bushnell St. 4WD is advised.
Native species such as eel-tail catfish, fork-tail catfish, lungfish and spangled perch have been supplemented with Australian bass, yellowbelly, barramundi and the occasional silver perch.

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