Cania Dam

Cania Dam is about 36km northwest of Monto and the road to the dam is sealed all the way. Cania has a good 2-lane concrete boat ramp that is useable until dam level gets low. Cania Dam is built on Three Moon Creek, a tributary of the Burnett River and at the head of very picturesque Cania Gorge.
The dam itself has a good mixture of shallow flats, deep banks, rocky outcrops, standing timber and protected little bays.
Cania has been stocked with bass, golden perch, silver perch and saratoga plus the native spangled perch and eel-tail catfish. The saratoga is what makes this dam a little different to the rest of the dams in the Burnett catchment, adding that something different to chase, especially on fly.
While there is no camping at the dam itself, there is both the Big 4 Cania Gorge Tourist Park (apx 4.5km from the dam) and the Cania Gorge Tourist Retreat (apx 12.5km from the dam).

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