Deepwater Creek and Wreck Rock

Deepwater Creek has hundreds of snags scattered with rock bars, ledges and banks, from the top boat ramp to at least half way down to the mouth. The lower estuary opens into shallow sandflats ideal for big whiting and flathead. Deepwater is only a small boat creek and very shallow. Allow plenty of tide to move around, and do so with extreme care as there are many logs and a few rock bars that will catch you out.

Deepwater is a beautiful creek and every lure-casters dream, but it has a tendency of being either on or off. Mangrove jack, cod, tarpon, bream, whiting and flathead are the bulk of species seen here.

Wreck Rock and Middle Rock are in the Deepwater National park and permits are needed to camp there. They are both are great little beach/rock fishing spots offering bream, whiting, trevally, tailor, mackeral, sweetlip, and slateys with the occasional snubnose and mulloway.

If traveling north from Deepwater causeway up to Wreck Rock and beyond, a 4WD vehicle is the only way to go. Soft sand and single lane tracks start just a few kilometers north of the causeway.

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