Hoffmans Rocks to Elliott Heads

Development is closing in on this strip of coastline fast, however this is still my favourite area to fish off the rocks. There are still quiet a few access points that that will get you close to the action.Low tide rock-hopping with soft plastics, poppers, or small chromes can provide some excellent fishing on light gear. Grass sweetlip, squire, bream, cod, pike, trevally, flathead, queenfish and mackeral can all be taken with this method. On the serious note you can balloon out big live baits on SW winds for big spanish, northern blues, mack tuna, barracuda and trevally. Night time sessions have showed up snapper, sweetlip and the very occasional kingie or mulloway.Remember there is a green zone (no fishing from the beach or rocks) south from Innes Park Creek to the southern side of Barolin Rock. For latest maps on closed and restricted waters for either the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park zoning or the Great Sandy Straits Marine Park zoning, drop into the store and grab a copy.

Map Points