Isis Impoundment - Lake Gregory

The Isis Impoundment (Lake Gregory) is a proven bass ground, thanks to past and ongoing efforts of the Bundaberg Fishstocking Group.

It is an ideal spot to go fishing after work, being only 25 or so kilometres from town. It has mature weed banks, lilly pads, a well-timbered bay and plenty of open water. Bass that are well over the 50cm mark have been caught here and these are the main species that you will see. Other species that you may see are gar, eel-tail and fork-tail catfish, spangled pearch, banded grunter and very rarely, sooty grunter, saratoga and barramundi. The latter three have never been stocked here but have been reported and photograped a few times over the last 10 years.

To fish the Isis you will need a Stocked Impoundment Permit that can be purchased instore or online.

There are no day facilities at Lake Gregory and camping is not permitted.

The boat ramp is firm gravel at a small gradient so is best siuted for launching smaller boats.

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