Kolan River

The Kolan River and Moore Park Creek.

The Kolan River is big enough to accommodate all our local species, it also his a wide range of habitats for marine life making it a popular river for locals. Known for its' good runs of prawn and mud crabs and seasonal appearances of grunter, tailor and queenfish, the Kolan really has something for everyone.
The main access points are the Booyan Ramp on the southern side, a good single lane ramp that can be used all but low tide, and the Miara boat ramp on the northern side that is good on all tides.
Wide shallow sandflats offer whiting and flathead fishing for lure-casters and bait fisherman alike, while small mangrove-lined tributaries hide cod, jacks, black bream and mud crabs.
The Kolan also hides some of the biggest salty barra that we have seen in this area, barra over the legal 1.2m have been taken by those dedicated anglers. All the biggest have fallen to lures that dive to 20ft, trolled through the deeper holes in the middle reaches of the river.

Moore Park creek is on the opposite end of the scale. It is a shallow small creek that mostly dries at low tide, how ever, it is a top spot for kayak fishing and does produce some quality flathead, whiting, bream and odd jack.
Fishing around the mouth at night high tides can be very productive during both mid winter and mid summer.

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