Pancake Creek and Middle Creek

Pancake Creek and Middle Creek have been popular destinations for avid anglers for many years. Ten years ago it was a 3-4 hour drive from Bundaberg on rough bush tracks with soft sand, deep ruts and swamp sections. Nowadays, the track into Middle from the Agnes Road would only be about an hour at worst, with a road base of crushed rock nearly all the way. With Agnes being about an hour from Bundaberg, the trip is now just over half what it was.

The ramp at Middle is sand and rock and you can launch a boat with a 4WD at all but low tide. As for the rest of the creek, a bit of tide is needed to get around and at least half tide to attempt going through to Pancake. Care should be taken at all times to avoid the shallow sand bars and scattered rock throughout the entire system.

The Pancake Creek end offers some top fishing, spearfishing and snorkelling. It has a small rock and coral reef inside the entrance of the mouth which has provided us with endless fishing fun. With favorable weather you can also fish the headlands and rocks offshore and these hold some big specimens of pelagics and a great range of reef fish. You can also duck around to Jenny Lind Creek to take in the scenery.

The camping areas at both Middle Creek and Pancake are maintained by National Parks and a permit is required to camp at any of them.

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